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Our telehealth services provide you with an affordable option for prices, availability, and services - We wont send you surprise bills and there's no insurance mark-ups! We put the power back in your  hands by cutting out the middlemen that drive up costs. Think it’s too good to be true? Book an appointment today and see for yourself what separates us from the rest.

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“I'm a recovering addict of 10 years. Dr. Augustin was able to get me back on track without having to send me to a Detox. I am so grateful for his expertise. This is the way healthcare should be.”

Julie, 37
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The Staff

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Jordan Augustin, APRN, NP-BC, PMHNP

As a native Haitian, my journey into the field of nursing began on the vibrant island of Haiti. I later ventured to the United States to pursue my education and hone my skills in healthcare. At Keiser Career College in Miami Lakes, Florida, I earned my Associate of Arts degree in Nursing, excelling as a dedicated nursing student. Determined to advance my knowledge and contribute more to the field, I continued my academic pursuits at Dade Medical College, where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Nursing Sciences. The quest for expertise led me to South University, where I attained a Master of Science in Nursing, specializing in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Sciences, through the esteemed program at Wilkes University. During my formative years, I had the privilege of completing rotations at prominent healthcare institutions, including Broward Hospital, Coral Springs Hospital, and Florida Medical Center. Under the mentorship of leaders in the field, I received comprehensive training in cutting-edge nursing research, clinical practice, and educational sciences. Currently, I serve as a Primary Care Provider, specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health. Additionally, I am actively involved in substance abuse care, acting as a provider and preceptor for undergraduate and graduate nursing students. In this role, I teach primary care nursing theory and clinical practice, passing on my knowledge to the next generation. My expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of healthcare services, including MAT (medication-assisted treatment), primary care, substance abuse, and regenerative medicine. My overarching goal is to deliver current, evidence-based holistic care and services to patients and their families. I approach healthcare with cultural sensitivity, employing a relationship-based, interdisciplinary, and collaborative approach. Simply put, my mission is to restore individuals and families to their optimal physical, psychiatric/psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual health.

Keziah D Augustin, Health Administrator

I am Keziah D. Augustin—a wife, mother, author, and businesswoman. In 2015, I earned my bachelor’s degree in health care administration, marking the beginning of my journey in the healthcare field. Beyond my professional endeavors, I find joy in various activities during my leisure time, including traveling, cherishing moments with my family, singing, indulging in movies or my favorite shows, and curating a cozy and inviting home. Deep within, I harbor a profound passion for counseling and coaching mothers, fostering an environment where they can strive to become the best versions of themselves. This commitment extends beyond my personal pursuits into my professional life, where I operate as a dedicated healthcare administrator. My mission is to provide comprehensive care and administrative support to all patients under my purview. With a keen understanding of healthcare administration, I excel in coordinating benefits and services with medical providers. My skill set encompasses the management of internal databases, information systems, and the meticulous organization of medical records. I find both challenge and reward in my role as a Healthcare Administrator, driven by the opportunity to utilize my knowledge of healthcare regulations and policies to ensure the delivery of quality patient care. It is a role that resonates with my innate desire to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities, making my professional journey both purposeful and fulfilling.

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